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1/10oz X 5 Silver Rounds "OUR LADY,MEDJUGORJE"

1/10oz X 5 Total 0.5ozs .999 Silver Rounds featuring the rare design of "OUR LADY OF PEACE MEDJUGORJE". These beautifully crafted rounds adds elegance to any collection. Perfect for investors or collectors looking to add a unique and valuable piece to their portfolio, these rounds are a must-have for any silver enthusiast. Ideal for gifting or personal investment, these rounds offer both beauty and value in one package.

Item Number 01192-RN. Cad $59.95.

This are the SILVER ROUNDS you will receive, GUARANTEED!!!

Jewish Temple Coin Cyrus-Balfour-Trump   Declaration 1917-2017 Silver Plated Coin!!!

Celebrate a century of historic declarations with the Jewish Temple Coin commemorating the Cyrus-Balfour-Trump Declarations from 1917 to 2017. This silver-plated collectible coin is a must-have for political enthusiasts and collectors alike, showcasing the significance of these influential events in United States history. Add this unique piece to your collection or gift it to a fellow history buff to cherish for years to come, which was purchased directly from Israel in 2017-2018!

Item Number 01297-RN. Cad $119.95.


The "70 Years Israel" Redemption Gold Plated Coin! "LIKE DOVES TO THEIR NEST" 

The "70 Years Israel" Redemption Gold Plated Coin features a striking design symbolizing peace and unity. Minted in Israel, this commemorative coin showcases doves flying to their nest, emphasizing the country's journey and achievements over seven decades. A perfect addition to any collection, this unique piece celebrates a significant milestone in Israel's history. Was purchased directly from Jerusalem in 2017-2018.

Item Number 01295-RN. Cad $119.95.

This is the GOLD PLATED COIN you will receive, GUARANTEED!!!