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This 1 oz 2020 'Historical Year' 4,9's Canada Maple Leaf 9999 silver coin is a stunning piece of bullion that is a must-have for any collector. Minted by the Royal Canadian Mint and containing a precise 1 oz of 0.9999 fine silver, this coin features the iconic Canadian Maple Leaf design. The coin comes in a protective capsule to preserve its brilliant uncirculated condition. Perfect as an investment or gift, this coin is a testament to the high standards of Canadian craftsmanship. Don't miss out on adding this exceptional coin to your collection. 

Only 15 in stock!  All are from the year 2020.

Item Number 01243-CN. Cad $49.95.

This 2020 1/10oz 'Historical Year' Canada Maple Leaf 9999 GOLD coin in original seal is a true gem for any collector or investor. Minted by the Royal Canadian Mint, this coin is made of pure gold with a fineness of 0.9999, ensuring its quality and value. With its intricate design featuring the iconic maple leaf, this coin is a beautiful addition to any collection. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, this coin is sure to impress. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of Canadian history. 

Only 9 in stock!  All are from the year 2020.

Item Number 01285-CN. Cad $399.95.

1/10 oz 2014 "Our Lady Queen of Peace Medjugorje" 999 fine silver round!

Peace, is what the whole World needs Today

Only 5 in stock! 

01192-RCad $12.33

1/2 oz 2015 First Majestic FM Silver Corp.  "Mayan Aztec" .999 fine silver round!

“Beautiful FM Mayan Aztec Stamped Silver

Only 3 in stock! 

01256-CN  Cad $27.79

1 oz 2018 St.Kitts & Nevis "Pelican" Eastern Caribbean Central Bank 999 silver coin!

“Unique & Beautiful Caribbean Pelican

Only 20 in stock!

01242-CN  Cad $53.79

2016 RCM "150th Anniversary of the Transatlantic Cable" collectible 9999  fine silver!

Commemorative beautiful canadian silver coin

Only 1 in stock!

01245-CN  Cad $73.79

1 oz  1998 Alaska Mint Century of Transportation collectible 999 proof silver round!

“A touch of Gold in this Silver Medallion”

Mintage of 5000. Only 1 in stock! 

01300-RN  Cad $93.79

1 oz  1998 Alaska Mint "Yukon Quest Sled Dog Race" collectible 999 proof silver round! 

Its your Silver Rush to Collectible Yukon Silver

Mintage of 2500. Only 1 in stock!

01299-RN  Cad $93.79

The "70 Years Israel" Redemption Gold plated Coin "Like Doves to their Nest"

And He charged me to build Him a house in Jerusalem Only 1 in stock! 

01295-RCad $123.79

Jewish Temple Coin Cyrus-Balfour-Trump Declaration 1917-2017 Silver Plated Coin!

Limited Quantity Production from Israel” 

Only 1 in stock! 

01297-RN  Cad $173.79

1 oz 2020 South Africa 'Big five Elephant' collectible 999.5  fine platinum coin!

Platinum, more rarer than Gold

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01291-CN  Cad $1,893.79

1 kilo 2015 Newzealand Mint "Steamboat Willie" 1928 Disney Mickey 999 fine silver coin!

Wow! Extremely rare & Incredible Find

Only 1 in stock! 

01296-CN  Cad $2,873.79