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Engelhard & Johnson Matthey

Fresh, Minty & Shiny Fine Silver!

1oz Johnson Matthey JM Sequential Serial Number 999 Fine Silver Bar in Original Seal

Free Shipping. Cad $75.88

Picture your Stack with this JM Sooter Addition!

1oz JM Johnson Matthey "The Sooter the Better!" Collectible 999 Silver Bar Serial S16431

Free Shipping. Cad $125.88

Sooter's Photography Captured!

1oz JM Johnson Matthey Sooter's Together We Make Beautiful Pictures 999 Silver # S29915

Free Shipping. Cad $125.88

Sun Kissed Beautiful JM Silver!

Beautifully Toned 5oz JM Johnson Matthey 999 Fine Silver Bar in Original Seal Serial 014987

Free Shipping. Cad $295.88

Beautifully Toned Vintage Silver!

10oz Johnson Matthey 999 Silver Bar JM Logo Repeated 3 Full Times Low Mintage Serial 267525

Free Shipping. Cad $575.88

Precious Metal Vintage JM Gold!

5 Gram JM Johnson Matthey 9999 Gold Bar Early Low Mintage with no Serial Number

Free Shipping. Cad $625.88

Natural & Lush JM Silver, A Spring Find!

10oz JM Johnson Matthey Collectible Small Logo 999+ Vintage Poured Silver Bar

Free Shipping. Cad $675.88

The Most Precious of Rocks!

1/4oz JM Johnson Matthey Collectible 9999 Gold Bar in its Original Mint Seal Serial 003110

Free Shipping. Cad $975.88

Strike your Match, this JM's on Fire!

20oz JM Johnson Matthey Canada Shiny & Beautiful Vintage 999 Poured Silver Bar

Free Shipping. Cad $1185.88

Nature's Approval of JM Toned Silver!

20oz JM Johnson Matthey Canada Toned 999 Reverse Poured Silver Bar

Free Shipping. Cad $1185.88

A Woodland Find in the Forest of JM Silver!

20oz JM Johnson Matthey Canada 999+ Poured Silver Bar Low Mintage 1500 Serial F003880

Free Shipping. Cad $1185.88

The Heart of JM Pure & Shiny Silver!

1 Kilo JM Johnson Matthey SLC Collectible 999 Poured Silver Bar Serial 019116

Free Shipping. Cad $1675.88

JM, The Fringe of your Silver Stack!

1 Kilo Johnson Matthey JM Canada Vintage 999 Poured Silver Bar Left Side Serial D024094

Free Shipping. Cad $1875.88

Pure & Precious Sealed JM Gold!

Extremely Rare! 1/2oz JM Johnson Matthey 9999 Fine Gold Bar. Original Mint Seal Serial 032202

Free Shipping. Cad $1975.88

Capture your Silver Bullet PM JM Silver!

50+oz JM Johnson Matthey Vintage Collectible Poured Silver Bar Serial 17723C

Free Shipping. Cad $2875.88

JM Gold & Silver Original Coin Set!

WOW! 1oz 1982 Beaver Johnson Matthey JM 9999 Gold & 999 Silver Sealed Coin Set Serial 98-2012

Free Shipping. Cad $3475.88

Rare Poured Silver JM Beauty!

100oz JM Johnson Matthey & Mallory Canada Maple Leaf Logo Vintage 999 Silver Bar Mintage <500

Free Shipping. Cad $5275.88