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1oz RCM Royal Canadian Mint Vintage 999 Silver Bar!

This vintage 1 oz silver bar is a must-have for collectors and investors alike. Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint in the 1980's, this bar is made of 0.999 fine silver and features the RCM logo. The bar is in a plastic capsule. Invest in a piece of Canadian history with this RCM silver bar. Its high fineness and collectible status make it a valuable addition to any portfolio or collection. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of Canadian bullion.

Item Number 01307-BA. Serial Number C013964. Cad $89.95.

This is the EXACT SILVER BAR you will receive, GUARANTEED!!!

1 oz "National Refiners" vintage 999+ fine silver bar in plastic capsule!

“Vintage National Refiners Fine Silver”

Various Serial numbers. Only 9 in stock

01276-BA  Cad $73.79

1 oz Pamp Suisse "Lady Fortuna" 999 Silver Bar in Plastic Capsule, Beautiful!

Stunning Design on Shiny Pure Silver

Only 1 in stock! Buy Now!

01260-BA  Cad $83.79

1 oz The Great lakes Mint "60th Anniversary Labor Day" commemorative vintage 999 silver!

Extremely rare Silver from Great Lakes Mint

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01267-BA  Cad $123.79

1/2 oz X 4 Elemetal square 999  fine silver snap bars in original seal. Total 2 ozs!

Snap that fractional silver

Serial number A 0004372. Only 1 in stock! 

01277-BA  Cad $123.79

10 Gram X 10 Geiger Edelmetaller 999 fine Silver Square bars. Total of 100 Grams!

Geiger fractional pure silver at its finest

Only 1 set of 10 in stock! 

01233-BA  Cad $253.79

5 oz Monarch Precious Metals, shiny & beautiful fine 999 poured silver bar!

MPM pure silver, Shiny & Smooth as Silk

Only 1 in stock! 

01279-BA  Cad $253.79

20 gram x 6 Silver Mint Limited edition set "The American Patriots" 999 silver bars!

Historical memories captured in fine silver

Display box is old & run down. Only 1 set in stock!

01213-BA  Cad $273.79

5 oz Beaver Bullion Canada stamped & collectible 999 hand poured fine silver bar!

Gorgeous Beaver Silver

Only 1 in stock! 

01155-BA  Cad $293.79

5 oz Hub City Canada Hand Poured beautiful fine 999 poured silver bar!

“Absolutely Stunning 5oz Silver Pour

Only 1 in stock! 

01278-BA  Cad $293.79

10 oz Beaver Bullion Canada Limited Quantity 999 Fine poured Silver CUBE!

Cool & Collectible RARE Cubed Beaver Silver

Only 2 in stock! 

01258-BA  Cad $573.79

10 oz World Trade Registered & highly collectible .999 fine silver bar, Very Rare!

Buy this Registered World Silver

Serial number AG-2.814. Only 1 in stock! 

01252-BA  Cad $593.79

20 gram x 30 Geiger Edelmetaller collectible 999 fine silver bars in original mint box!

Beautiful square fractional, precious silver

Total of 600 grams. Only 1 in stock! 

01281-BA  Cad $973.79