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Engelhard & Johnson Matthey

Beautiful Aussie Silver Elegance!

1oz The Perth Mint Australia 9999 Fine Silver Bar in a Plastic Capsule

Free Shipping. Cad $75.88

Quality Choice in Fine Western Silver!

1oz Western Mint Collectible Vintage .999 Fine Silver Bar Serial 000548

Free Shipping. Cad $75.88

Silky & Shiny National Silver!

1oz National Refiners Vintage 999+ Fine Silver Bar in a Plastic Capsule. Nine available

Free Shipping. Cad $75.88

XXI Olympics History captured in Silver!

1oz Western Mint The Bay First Series 1976 Olympics Montreal 999 Fine Silver Bar Serial 002582

Free Shipping. Cad $75.88

Beautifully Aged, Copper Toned Pure Silver!

1oz Beautiful Copper Like Toning Pamp Suisse Lady Fortuna 999 Silver Bar Sealed

Free Shipping. Cad $95.88

Quality RCM Vintage Silver from all Angles!

1oz RCM Royal Canadian Mint Vintage 999+ Fine Silver Bar Serial C014539

Free Shipping. Cad $125.88

Lucky Ace up Your Sleeve!

1oz 2006 WSOP Poker Stars Original World Championship of Poker Rare Silver Bar

Free Shipping. Cad $125.88

In Good Company, Signature Silver!

Wow! Rare & Toned 1oz CMW INC Indianapolis Indiana Vintage 999+ Fine Silver Bar Serial A005719

Free Shipping. Cad $125.88

Commemoration Captured in Pure Silver!

Very Rare! 1oz 1973 Great Lakes Mint 60th Anniversary Labor Day .999 Silver Bar

Free Shipping. Cad $125.88

Snap a Beautifully Toned Luminescent Silver!

1/2oz x 4 Elemetal .999 Fine Silver Snap Bars in Original Mint Seal Total 2ozs

Free Shipping. Cad $125.88

The American Patriots Silver!

20gm X 6 The Silver Mint American Patriots Ingot Series 999 Fine Silver Bar Set Box is Age Damaged Selling Silver, Box is Free

Free Shipping. Cad $258.88

Beaver's Way of Mining Silver!

5oz Beaver Bullion Hand Poured .999 Fine Silver Bar

Free Shipping. Cad $258.88

It's a Natural Shiny Silver Royalty!

5oz Monarch Precious Metals 999 Poured Silver Bar

Free Shipping. Cad $275.88

Stunning Hand Poured Canadian Silver!

5oz Hub City Coins Canada Hand Poured 999 Fine Silver Bar Serial 0115

Free Shipping. Cad $275.88

Shiny Pure Silver 10 Gram Bars!

10 Gram X 10 Silver Bars Geiger Edelmetalle 999 Fine Silver Bars Total 100 Grams

Free Shipping. Cad $288.88

Stack your Silver, 5 Fractional Grams at a Time!

5 Gram x 30 Scottsdale Mint Fractional 999 Fine Silver Bars in Original Mint Box

Free Shipping. Cad $398.88

Nature's Choice Beaver Silver!

10oz 2018 Beaver Bullion Hand Poured Limited Serialized .999 Fine Silver Cube Serial 092

Free Shipping. Cad $558.88

International World Silver!

10oz World Trade Silver Registered Collectible .999 Fine Silver Bar Serial AG-2.184

Free Shipping. Cad $588.88

Build it and The Value will Follow! 

1/2oz x 24 Monarch PM Lego Building Blocks 999 Silver Bars in A Tin Total of 12ozs

Free Shipping. Cad $675.88

Fractional Silver at its Best!

20 Gram x 30 Bars Geiger Edelmetaller 999 Fine silver Bars! Total 600 Grams

Free Shipping. Cad $1125.88

A Golden Flower Among Gems!

10 Gram Swiss Bank Corporation 1972 Vintage Collectible 999.9 Fine Gold Bar

Free Shipping. Cad $1258.88

Luxurious Cast-Poured Florida Silver!

1 Kilo Asahi Refining Florida 999 Cast-Poured Fine Silver Bar Serial F20A1437

Free Shipping. Cad $1575.88

Gorgeous, Clean & Shiny Silver!

1 Kilo RMC Republic Metals Corporation Cast-Poured .999+ Fine Silver Bar Serial D1088524

Free Shipping. Cad $1575.88