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Engelhard & Johnson Matthey

1 oz Engelhard "Frosted Back" collectible fine 999 silver bar in plastic capsule!

Beautifully Frosted Engelhard Silver Back

Various Serial numbers. Only Five in stock

03307-EH   Cad $73.79

1 oz Engelhard Canada Maple Leaf collectible 999 fine silver bar in plastic capsule!

Beautiful Canadian Engelhard Silver

Various serial numbers. Only six in stock

03217-EH  Cad $93.79

1 oz Engelhard Canada 5-Digit Larger font collectible 999 silver bar!

“The Golden years of Engelhard silver

Serial 83651. Nice addition to any collection! 

03304-EH   SOLD!!!

5 oz 2015 Retro "Engelhard Australia" cool collectible 999+ silver ingot bar!

“Shiny & Smooth retro Engelhard Aussie silver”

Serial B02655. Add this rare 1 to your collection

03285-EH  Cad $473.79

10 oz Engelhard 11th series flat machined finish collectible 999 silver bar!

Smooth & Shiny Vintage Engelhard

Serial P365936. Add this to your collection

03260-EH  Cad $597.79

20 oz Engelhard RARE 3rd Series 5-digit Collectible 999 poured silver bar!

The Flint of Fire, Engelhard Fine Silver

Serial 90253. Only one in Stock

03350-EH  Cad $1793.79

50 oz 1982 Engelhard Canadian Bull Hallmark 6th Series collectible 999 poured silver bar!

A true vintage heavy weight beauty

Serial 313691. Truly one of a kind

03318-EH  Cad $2793.79

100 oz Engelhard Canadian Bull Hallmark 4th Series 6-digit collectible 999 poured silver bar!

World heavy weight Champion, Engelhard

Serial 182520. Gorgeous pour lines

03334-EH  Cad $4793.79